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Full Version: 2nd Line Goes To Voicemail
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I have two accounts through OneSuite - two different numbers - in which I have successfully registered to my phone.

When I make a call from either line out on my Yealink headset, the call is initiated.

When I make a call from my cell in to line 1 - which is the first registered account - it will ring on my Yealink headset when I dial that number.

However, when I make a call from my cell in to line 2 - the second registered account - it goes straight to voicemail, no ring on my YL headset. However, I can make outgoing calls with that headset, just as I can on line 1.

How do I fix this problem and actually have the second line ring on my Yelling headset?
Please help to confirm below items:

1.Login to the web UI, go to Phone-> Feature

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1237]

2.Login to the web UI, go to Account-> Number Assignment

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1238]

Hope this helps!

Yes, that is what it looks like and the second line/number still goes straight to voicemail.
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