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Full Version: Cannot get RPS and Autoprovisoning to work. How do I torubleshoot
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I have a T19P that is registered on RPS. RPS does direct the phone to my server and I do see my server sending out the file. However I dont see phone process or reject that file. i tried using the syslog and dont see reference to the file that my provisioing server sent the phone.

How does one see what the phone actually is doing with the config I sent.
Hello hsupport,

It seems you didn't upload the config file successfully.
You mean your server has sent out the file, that's meaning the URL defined in the RPS is accessible. Then, please check the configuration files which stored in your provision server are correct. You can reset phone and type in the file URL directly on the web browser to check whether can be download.
If same, please tell me your firmware and upload config file or email to


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