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Full Version: T48G - Status Icon on DSS URL Button
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The feature to call an URL from a button (DSS) is amazing! When requesting the site the URL-icon is flashing red/green for a few seconds.

The T48G has the potential to be used to control home automation systems, but lacks of the possibility to toggle a setting, as no feedback can be shown.

I would love you guys if you could implement a function that displays the red URL-icon if the page returns a content like "off" and green icon if "on" is returned. If nothing or something else is returned, you could keep the current behaviour.

I guess this feature would increase the sales volume a lot as home automation fanatics would love a phone like that with plenty of customizable URL-buttons on the main page.....
Hi Cotwild,

Currelty phone will give different behavior based on what it receives.

When it receive "OK" it will flash green.
When it receive 'NOK" it will flash red.
When it receive other message it will flash green and red.

You can directly write "OK" or "NOK" in a txt file. Then let phone to download the txt file to verify it.

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