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Full Version: T46G shows voicemails when there are none.
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I have a T46G that frequently shows an on screen message that there are X number of voicemails, when there are none. Calling the voicemail does not clear out the on screen message. I have updated to the latest firmware (, factory reset the phone, and deleted and re-created the extension on the PBX (FreePBX). The PBX reports that there are no voicemails from the web interface.
We have this problem too, although I'm not on your firmware version. I chalked it up to a strange one-time glitch when it happened and didn't investigate further. We use 3CX PBX.
Hi TruckingExp,

Phone should receive a notify message from server when it display the message that there are X number of voicemails.
Is your phone number in a group? If yes, maybe server send a notify to the group but not the phone number so you can't see the voice mail from the web interface.

In v73 you can disable the screen notification of voice mail by disabling "Voice Mail Popup" under Feature-> Notification Popup.
Firmware link:

But please check whether phone receive an unexpected notify from server.

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