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Full Version: Re-order Hanset
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I was experiencing a problem due to Hanset register order. We use autoprovisioning to configure user accounts and set it to one handset.
We do like the following:
Account 1 -> H1
Account2 -> H2

This works fine until we need to deregister one of the handsets.
E.g. One client has 4 handsets each one with one account if I delete H2 I will configure Account1 to 3 but with our autoprovision one of the accounts will be unavailable because Account3 -> H3 that does not exist.
I tried factory reset on both base and handset but without success, H4 is allways H4. Is there any way to change this?

Best Regards
You can try to delete H4 and register again. Or you can try to set up as below to check if it can solve this isue:

Login to the web UI, Go to aAccount-> Number Assignment

Hi Jim,

I tried to delete H4 and also do factory reset, but whenever I register again the handset it comes with H4, not H2.

I know that I can solve this trough WebUI, it was what I did for test purposes, but how can this be done using only auto-provisioning?
I am using V50, but we are planning to deploy v73. Could this be a bug of v50?

Given below is the configuration parameters base on V73:

#The line accept to incoming(1,2,3,4,5);X ranges from 1 to 5
#handset.X.incoming_lines = 1,2,3,4

handset.1.incoming_lines =

#The line accept to call out(1,2,3,4,5)
#handset.X.dial_out_lines = 1,2,5
#handset.X.dial_out_default_line = 1

handset.1.dial_out_lines =
handset.1.dial_out_default_line = =

Please go to below link to get the V73 configuration template:

Hope this helps!
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