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Full Version: Call Waiting Tone Problem T46G
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When a second call comes in the red light flashes, and the caller ID scrolls across the screen but there is no call waiting tone heard.
Under Features:General Information/Call Waiting ------> Enabled
Under Settings:Tones/Select Country------> Custom ------->Call Waiting "is Blank" (This is the default)

I tried changing to
Under Settings:Tones/Select Country------> United States

I still do not get a call waiting tone.

Look under Features - Audio.

Provisioned with: call_waiting.tone = 1
(12-05-2014 05:39 AM)craigreilly Wrote: [ -> ]Look under Features - Audio.

Provisioned with: call_waiting.tone = 1

Features: Audio/Call waiting/ (two choices only Enabled or Disabled on a pull down menu)
I do not see how to provision the tone there.
I will try to go to Settings: Tones: Custom/Call Waiting /and add here call_waiting.tone = 1
That is what I read you were looking for. How to turn on the Call Waiting Tone.
Sorry if that was not the information you required.
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