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Full Version: Dialing extension doesn't display name
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The problem I have come across is being able to see who you are calling. I have LDAP setup correctly so whenever someone calls you it displays their name and Extension on the phone, however when dialing out (ext 3001) it only shows 3001 on the screen instead of John Smith 3001. I can view my remote phone book from the phone so I know that's working, just wondering if there is a setting on the phone to look through LDAP or remote phone book first.

I do have LDAP Lookup for Pre-dial/Dial set, however that doesn't seem to work either.

Thanks for any help
Hi hosinfefer01 ,

This is yealink techncial support. nice to contact you.
there is no setting to look through LDAP when dialing ,but we add the new feature in V73 that can disable / enable to the LDAP Lookup for Callout.
Here are V73 firmware address,please updrade and test.

you can config via web-GUI, Directory-> LDAP ,you will find LDAP Lookup For Callout like picture(attachment).

Or autop like as below
ldap.call_out_lookup = 1
Will there be beta firmware for the T38G and T32G?
They told us last year that no more major firmwares for T3x series - that v70 is it. I have seen a few minor revisions released, but nothing like the rest of the phones.
Will you be phasing out the T3x series? If this will be a minor revision later that would be great. We just purchased T38G due to the 10 memory keys.
We bought 60 about 20 months ago. Then poof.
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