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Full Version: voice gain issue T4x
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I am trying to hunt down the last issue we are having with 3CX v15. All of my users are complaining that the recipient of a phone call can hear a lot of background noise and also the caller breathing. We are on Yealink T42, T46 and T48 all with updated firmware.

i fixed the issue by going into the phone UI itself and changing the following lines:
voice.handfree_send =0
voice.handset_send =0
voice.headset_send =0

This seems to have fixed the issue across the board.

Now my issue is that we use templates throughout the entire company, 100+ users. I added those three lines into my template because in the v15 templates, it's not there. When I reprovision a phone with the new template, those three settings do not change in the phone. I have added it in the same spot under the Voice header in the template from referring back to the old template and still do not see any change.

Am I missing something somewhere or does it need to be in a different location on the template? Any help would be aprreciated.
I found my solution if anyone else is having this problem.

Lines had to be added under the Phone Features Header between call waiting and intercom.
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