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Full Version: Ability to disable phone side DND and fwd
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We would like to be able to disable the phone site DND and Call Forward functions entirely.

We have a call-routings and presence system in our own software and we like our Yealink users to use the XML menu we created for Presence state and call forwarding in stead of the phone side functions.

Disabling them in the menu with a provisioning parameter would be great.

Kind regards,

Hi Tb303,

You can disable the two fucntion through autoprovision:

features.dnd.allow = 0
features.fwd.allow = 0

When I use those I can still"go to:

Menu > call controll > Do Not Disturb -> Enable.


Menu > call controll > Call Forwarding -> Always forward ... etc...
Yes, you can enable it. But I think the fucntion won't take effect?
Even if you enable the DND/Forward phone won't reject or forward a call.
Ok thanks.

Why wouldn't you disable it in the phones menu then?
That can be quit confusing for the user. 'You can set it, but it simply won't work...'
It is possible to do so by using different user access level feature. I can now making the phone do not have the Call Control Feature being appeared after pressing the MENU key,
Can you post (that part of) your provisioning config file?
I am using on T22P.

I include the following 2 lines on my provision file
security.var_enable = 1
web_item_level.url=tftp:// ( is my tftp server ip address)

On the WebItemslevel.cfg, I have the followings:
[ GUI ]
call_feature_list = 2
callControl = 2
usermodeentry = 2
setvoicemail = 2
MSG_Text = 2
local_contact_list = 2
broadsoft_contact_list = 2
blacklist_list = 2
unlock_pin = 2
Thank you. I will check this out as soon as I can,

Since we ran into these problems, we decided to first implement Gigaset provisioning.

Work on Yealink will continue in 2 months or so.
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