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Full Version: Programable Key
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I'm trying to configure a programmable key that works in the following way:
Pressing the softkey: dial * 33 and turn on the light button. Pressing the softkey again: dial * 34 and turn off the button light.

Something similar to the function: "forwarding". While forwarding is active the button light stays on, and pressing the softkey again the button light turns off and the forwarding is disabled.

I do not want to use two softkeys, I want the same softkey enable and disable my custom function.
This is possible?
Thank you for your help.
Take a look at XML_Browser setup to do this. It requires a webserver to run the files. With these, you can change the lights. I don't know which phone you are working with, I did this on the T38. The image below I found online does it on the down arrow, which may or may not work, but it shows the syntax.

[Image: BO5td-WCMAIYdBP.jpg:large]

Check out this ZIP of 5 files:

The first one is what the XML_Browser calls. It gives the receptionist 4 options:

Based on which one they choose, it loads another xml file which changes the lights and dials a * code.
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