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Full Version: Does the RPS accept variables?
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I'm trying to provision against a server that requires an address like:

http://<server address>/001565123456.cfg?pass=1234

I can successfully provision a single handset by entering the mac address as above but is there a way to use a server address like:

http://<server address>/$mac.cfg?pass=1234

Or a way to define the password separately so that the handset requests its configuration file as part of the normal process.

I have looked through the User, Admin, VAR and XMLRPC manual for the RPS but could not find any reference variables accepted in server addresses.

Doesn't seem like it does to me. I'm new to Yealink handsets, but then I read in the Autoprov guide that you can hand out $PN and $MAC to phones in a URL - however, this is only for an address handed out in a DHCP Option that the phone then substitutes those variables.

When I added $MAC into my RPS server URL it did nothing and interpreted it as a directory, when the phone came looking on my server it was looking for /$MAC/<mac_addr>.cfg
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