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Full Version: T46G Issue with second call coming in while agent is on the phone
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At random, we are seeing agents get a second call while they are on the phone with a customer. The agents are on a call, look down and see that there is another call coming in. They ignore it and it rolls over to another agent after 12 seconds of not being answered. We have the queues correctly configured to not send calls to agents that are on the phone as far as I know: (Ring Strategy is set to "leastrecent", Skip Busy Agents is set to "Yes + (ringinuse=no)")

Has anyone else experienced this with Yealink T46-G? I've been chatting with the guys at Queuemetrics, they said some phones don't report their state to the PBX. From what I understand, these Yealink T46-G do report their state, but not sure if maybe there is a configuration on the phone I can change that might prevent this issue from happening? Anything I can change in the template maybe?

Asterisk 11.7.0
Loway QueueMetrics - 14.03.3 - B: 4836 2014-04-03 13:24
O.S.: Linux - Ver: 2.6.32-220.13.1.el6.x86_64 - amd64
Endpoint: Yealink T46G Firmware revision
(I was thinking about trying out the new firmware .72 to see if it has any effect, but don't see anything in the release notes indicating much changes for T46G specifically, and nothing relating to this issue.)

Full log shows:

Agent 1: Call IDs C-00074c7f and C-00074c82
[2014-11-01 16:04:02] VERBOSE[18895][C-00074c1c] file.c: -- Playing 'custom/
in' (language 'en')
[2014-11-01 16:10:13] VERBOSE[8208][C-00074c7f] app_queue.c: -- Called SIP/1019
[2014-11-01 16:10:13] VERBOSE[8518][C-00074c82] app_queue.c: -- Called SIP/1019
[2014-11-01 16:10:13] VERBOSE[8208][C-00074c7f] app_queue.c: -- SIP/1019-000ccfe5 is ringing
[2014-11-01 16:10:13] VERBOSE[8518][C-00074c82] app_queue.c: -- SIP/1019-000ccfe6 is ringing
[2014-11-01 16:10:14] VERBOSE[8208][C-00074c7f] app_queue.c: -- SIP/1019-000ccfe5 answered SIP/TRUNK-SIP-OUT-000ccfe1

Agent 2: Call IDs: C-00074ae8 and C-00074af5
[2014-11-01 15:57:13] VERBOSE[25617][C-00074ad3] file.c: -- Playing 'custom/
in' (language 'en')
[2014-11-01 15:57:45] VERBOSE[27461][C-00074ae8] app_queue.c: -- Called SIP/1013
[2014-11-01 15:57:45] VERBOSE[28001][C-00074af5] app_queue.c: -- Called SIP/1013
[2014-11-01 15:57:45] VERBOSE[27461][C-00074ae8] app_queue.c: -- SIP/1013-000ccceb is ringing
[2014-11-01 15:57:45] VERBOSE[28001][C-00074af5] app_queue.c: -- SIP/1013-000cccec is ringing
[2014-11-01 15:57:46] VERBOSE[27461][C-00074ae8] app_queue.c: -- SIP/1013-000ccceb answered SIP/TRUNK-SIP-OUT-0
Hi Rkimber,

I think the server should know the phone status when the phone is in a call. When phone reply 200OK to answer a first call server should be able to set the flag to busy and don't send a second call to it?

Is there something in server to be missed?

If you want to reject second phone in phone side you can disable the call wating feature under Feature-> General information.

Sound like asterisk isn't aware of the device state.

callcounter=on should help, as stated here:
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