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Full Version: T42G and T46G
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Hi guys im new in the forums our company buy T42G and T46G
and im having trouble try to auto provisioning the phones here what i have right now.

Our PBX is Elastix 2.5
In the elastix TFTP i have
Severals files
y000000000029.cfg <-- common configurarion
001487a432bz7cfg <- that is the configuration by MAC for one T48g

in the file y000000000029.cfg i have

auto_provision.server.url =


And in the 001487a432bz7cfg
account.1.enable = 1
account.1.label = Joan
account.1.display_name =
account.1.auth_name = 2005
account.1.user_name = 2005
account.1.password = abc123
account.1.sip_server.1.address =
account.1.sip_server.1.port = 5060
account.1.sip_listen_port = 5060
#Configure the transport type; 0-UDP (default), 1-TCP, 2-TLS, 3-DNS SRV;
account.1.transport = 0
#Enable or disable the phone to subscribe the register status; 0-Disabled (defa$
account.1.subscribe_register = 1

But the problem is that the y000000000029.cfg <-- common configurarion dont put the provisioning server url so the phone dont upload the settings.

BUT if i go to the phone web browser and put the provisioning url and click Auto Provisioning the phone upload the 001487a432bz7cfg and works.

Any reason why i can do this automatic without touch the phones?
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