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in "common.cfg" I am changing only parameter "auto_provision.dhcp_option.option60_value =" how to achieve that phone will automatically reboot after downloading the "common.cfg" file?

Best regards
Hello TaNTal,

Do you want to achieve that the phone will reboot after downloading the cfg file,right ?
If my understanding is right, then you can set below syntax in your common.cfg

It enables or disables the IP phone to reboot after auto provisioning even though there is no specific configuration requiring reboot in configuration files.
The default value is 0.
Note: It works only for the current auto provisioning process. If you want the IP phone to reboot after every auto provisioning process, the parameter must be always contained in the configuration file and set to 1.
Thank you for your answer.

Yes I would like the phone to reboot after downloading the "y000000000034.cfg" file.
I tryed "auto_provision.reboot_force.enable=1" and "auto_provision.reboot_force.enable = 1", but no success.
My firmware is "".
Is there another command which I can change use?
Any ideas, I can't implement the phone in my system if I can't figure that out, manual reboot is not an option.

Best regards
Hello TaNTal,

This feature has been planned to add in our next version 80.
In fact, V73-Beta has this feature, but the T21 has no V73, so you need to wait for a little time untill the V80.

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