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Full Version: Transfer between W52P and T22P
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First an observation that I initially sent this inquire to as designated on the Contact page and it bounced. That does not bode well in my book.

I have a small home office and have been using a Cisco SIP adapter for quite a long time however it is beginning to have issues so I am thinking it is time for an upgrade.

I would like to have a good desk phone as well as I would like to have a cordless handset so am looking at combining the SIP-T22P and W52P.

From what I have been able to read they both seem to have more than enough features for my needs and more importantly they seem to be solid with good sound and be reasonably easy to provision and use.

The one thing that is not clear to me is how I would transfer a call from the cordless handset to the T22 and the other way round, from T22 to W52P cordless.
With the desk and DECT system from another manufacturer the DECT base is part of the desk phone so they are aware of each other but with the Yealink W52P and T22P they are two separate systems so how do they know about each other?

Thanks... Daine
Hello Daine,
Both our W52P base and T22P use SIP protocol, so you just need to register the voip accounts from the same PBX on both two phones, them they can make the call, transfer, conference and others.
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