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Full Version: w52 doesn't work with fritzbox internal pbx
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I tried many times to get working this device with, some times it does and after next power on ( I turn off my cable modem and router before going to sleep).

My fritzbox from works good with, but it has some issues with DECT Handset and sometimes it doesn't show caller id or show it wrong.
Therefore I've bought yealink. The right way would be to buy a new fritzbox for 100 euro.

Also for test I use windows softphone
On my fritzbox pbx is one sip account by This account is assignet to DECT handset and I can make calls. Also I think that my ISP and SIP providers are ok.

W52 can register by, but the 3th LED with handset icon is off. Sometimes it is on. But I can not catch what is the trouble.

Anyway i decided to create sip account on my fritzbox pbx and make calls trought fritzbox pbx with w52.
And it does't. I have tried this account with softphone and it works without problem.
It make calls to internal number **51 whicht is my DECT handset.

But if I let w52 register on fritzbox, it did it, but no calls.

I can post screenshots of config, syslog and any other info on demand.
Maybe it is possible to get working, otherwise I've wasted 100 euro. Sad
Hi kalobyte,

Would you please describe your issue more detailed and send it to my email via your private email? My email address is

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