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Full Version: W52P DTMF
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We have AAstra Mx-one 5.0 tse and 44 yealink t20 and 6 yealink w52p!

On Yealink w 52p we have problem that we cannot send dtmf tones, during the call we cannot chose any option on telephone answering machine!

Dtmf options are set as auto-sip i dtmf relay! This options are okay on yealink t20p !

Why that doesent work on w52p?
Please help to comfirm if the voice mail work well. Would you please let me know the version of the phone?
You can try to change the Dtmf options as RFC2833 or INBAND to check if it can solve this issue.

if i change dtmf option to rfc2833 or inband , then dtmf tones work when i call telephone answering machine, but not work on aastra tse 5.0 when i want to pickup call or any other option !

Why same option auto sip+dtmf relay dont work same on t20,t26 and w52 phones?
on t 20 i t26 works well , but on w52p dont! Why?

base firware:
phone model: w52p
phone firmware:
Please try to up garade the phone to below version to check again:

Base firaware:

Handset firmware:
We upgraded phone and base , but it not working!
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