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Full Version: T46G DSS Key Remote Phone Book Customization
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I could not get the Remote Phone Book generator to work for me (excel errors). I ended up finding a neat tutorial on how to use PHP to generate a remote phone book, by querying the asterisk database.

I setup a DSS key for an XML Group for that remote phone book and it just works. I get an alphabetically sorted list of all my extensions with the following soft keys: Back, Search, Options, Send.

What I would like to know: can you setup your own soft keys?

Specifically, I would like to change "Send" to a sub-menu including: "Dial", "Intercom", "Transfer". That way I can very easily call or intercom internal extensions, or transfer calls to them without having to press too many buttons.

Alternatively, can I create a DSS key for Intercom / Transfer that will add the correct *## prefix when I choose to "send" from the Remote Phone Book?
Hi Steve,

1. Changing "Send" to a sub-menu is not feasible. You can only customize a softkey layout in some specific call status. The configuration is under Setting-> Softkey layout.

2. You can configure a prefix dsskey and a direcotry dsskey. Press the prefix dsskey firstly then press Direcotry dsskey to choose a number. Phone will dial out "prefix+extension"

Thank you, seems to be working just fine.
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