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Full Version: Remote Phone Directory?
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I'm having difficulty connecting to a remote phone directory on my newly acquired W52P handsets. Does anyone have a sample phonebook .XML file they can share? I'm assuming I've got an error in the .XML... (firmware is the latest:

This feature works perfectly on my T48G phones...

Hi EmilGH,

This is a yealink technical support, nice to contact you.
Here is example of remote phone book.
For more information on how to create remote phone book quickly , refer to Phonebook Generation Tool User Guide as below
Thanks for the reply, Lucas!

That sample .XML document worked perfectly on the W52 and T48.

Unfortunately, that phone book generator Excel document doesn't seem to want to work. But the biggest bummer is that the web phone book manager tool from Octivi doesn't seem to support this format at all. Sad

So, I'm off to build my own!

Thanks for the clarity,

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