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Hello all, My name is Lynn and I have been in telecom for about 15 years but I am new to the VOIP Phone product line. I have worked on Nortel DMS, Ericsson 8800, most Telek, and Teklec products. I am currently working on a Metaswitch 2510 with both voip via EMTA and InnoMedia ATA devices and TDM over cable off the old Nortel HDT with the Dualhead Modem cards. We use Arris model 5,6,8 series Emta, Zcorum Provisioning system, GLDS as a billing platform and I am getting ready for a large push into the voip phone market as we start to offer fiber access. Feel free to contact me if you think I can help.
love the company name - i did start laughing.
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