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Full Version: BLF with Star Code function
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We have an application where we need to monitor an extension (like BLF function) on a Programmable (DSS) button via the LED and be able to push that same button to dial a star code like *85. It appears that that pushing the button just dials the extension you are monitoring. We have T26P and T46G phones. We need to use this same button to park the call.

What DSS TYPE and combination would I use to make this happen and have it dial a * Code ? Some combination with advanced settings possibly ?
Hi mwb12345,

Please enter the extension you are monitoring in the "value" field, enter the *85 code into "extension" field. Have a try to check it whether can meet your requirement.

We did this. We tried doing it even in reverse, but it seems to ignore the command in the field
Hi mwb12345,

Please refer to below screenshot.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1215]

Phone A set one BLF button to monitor munber 2113(phone B), the code is *85.
The BLF work mechanism:
1. Then if there is incoming call to 2113, the blf led will flash. Then if you press the BLF button, the phone will dial *852113.
2. If the phone B(2113) is idle, then if you press the BLF button , the phone will dial 2113.

How do we get it to ignore the idle state and still pass the FULL *852113 ?? That is EXACTLY what we need it to do. In these shared line applications the customer would never press the BLF button while the Call is ringing. They would answer the call and then press the BLF key where we would need the phone to send the *85 and extension number which will put the call in park and blink the LEDs on all the phones sharing registration. Than anyone can push the programmed button to pick up the call and we have Shared Line Appearance.
At this point we have to go with Grandstream and SNOM, they both support BLF with speed dial in any call state of the monitored phone, not just idle. Let us know if you add or fix this.
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