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Full Version: T26P/T28p BLF light not working after firmware upgrade
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I have a client that have a number of Yealink T26p with firmware v6.70.0.140 all BLF were working after the upgrade to v6.71.1.1 for 3CX the BLF light for Shared park no longer works.

The button work fine and the looking into the web interface and the setup is correct.
but the Light on the BLF is not green, it will only turn Red when a call is parked only

before the upgrade the Shared Park BLF would be Green when the park is free and Red when their is a call on Park.
Would you please set up as below:
Login to the web UI, go to the Features-> General Information-> BLF LED Mode: set as "0"

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1147]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1148]

Hope this helps!
I'm with the same problem. T26P use the device and after atalizacao (NEW) the BLF function is not more lighting the available LED (green) and busy (red).
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