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Full Version: Second dial tone and dial from phonebook by handset off-hook
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I have 2 proposals for T-2xP phone product line:
1) To implement possibility to configure and use second dialtone ("outside dialtone"). The additional requirement for this is to have possibility to define different pattern which differs from normal dialtone. Purpose: in some countries subscribers are used to get different dialtone after dialing 0 or 9 digit to access "outside CO line" in traditional PBX environment.

2) To implement possibility to dial numbers from phonebook/history by handset hook-off only. Proposed behaviour: some record is focused in history/phonebook, subscriber makes hook-off, number should be dialed (without need to press Dial function key). Current behaviour: after lifting handset phone waits for dialing different number manually - number line is blank.

Some Voip phones/gateways have both these functionalities and this behaviour would be very nice - improvement of functionality (1) and ergonomy (2).

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