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Full Version: T46G Ringtone upload auto provisioning
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For the T46G I made a y000000000029.cfg file for uploading a language file from a ftp server.
I use the following line the cfg file:
gui_lang.url = ftp://user:password@
This works fine.
Now I want also load a custom ringtone and load this from the same server so I added the following line in de cfg file:
ringtone.url = ftp://user:password@
This file is not loaded by the T46G.
I same file uploaded with the webinterface of the T42G works fine.
Because that upload with the webinterface does not work with the T46G I tried to do this with autoprovisioning, but I can't get it to work.
I even tried the Emergency.wav file from the yealink example, but can't upload this also.
What is going wrong?
Hello All,
Problem solved, it was a security issue on my ftp server (vsFTPd in combination with IPtables on a CentOS server).
The phone could not open the y000000000029.cfg file, so it never upload the ringtone.
Hi welvaarts ,

It is great! Big Grin
Thanks for your continuously support for Yealink products.
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