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Full Version: Outgoing call while phone is ringing
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Hi Guys,

We have setup a queue with 4 Ext's where it rings all phones, The phones need to be able to make an outgoing call even when the phones are ringing.

Is there anyway to do this? Currently if the phones are ringing then there is no way to make an outbound call?

We have tried to setup a second line on the phone but still you cant make a call out when a call is coming in on a different line.

We are using T46G phones with firmware version
Hi rookie01,

Yes, but we only support speed dial mode. In brief, you need set Speed dial type of DSSKEY. Then you can press the speed dial button to make an outgoing call even when the phones are ringing. If you don't know how to set the speed dial DSSKEY, please refer to the admin guide which begin at page 60.

Yealink SIP-T46G User Guide_V72

Our product department will consider to add this feature in the future.

I think on our T46G's, if they are in queue and ringing for a call, you can push the X button, which gives about a second to start something else, such as an outbound call. I don't have the T46G here ATM to verify this though.
Thanks engine411 that is exactly what we were looking for, we are able to press the x key and then make a call to a mobile etc while the original call stays in the queue.

Thanks again!
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