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Full Version: T48 changes screen when paged or call waiting
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is there a way to change the way the screen behaves in certain instances?

When a customer is on the phone and receives another call, activating call waiting they lose many options. This leaves them to hold the current call locally and acknowledge the second call before they can transfer the current call. Receptionists are killing me.

Can we have a choice to stay on the home screen when the phone goes off hook? Picking up a parked call from a DSS key is difficult it the key is gone! They have to hit the key, putting the call on speaker and then pick up the handset.

Is there a way to disable the 1 second delay for auto answer? When a phone is paged, there is the delay. Right now the only workable solution is to page over a multicast stream. This makes it difficult to get pages out of the local network.
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We have the exact same issue with T48 that when you are on a active call and have another call or page happen you lose control of that call until the page is complete.

Driving people in high paging environments insane.
I agree -especially on Paging. The screen should not change for a Page. Just open the audio stream.

Thank you for your feedback.
About the problem 1 you mentioned , I will feedback it to our Product Department. And they will do an assessment .
About the problem 2, sorry that there is no such settings that stay on the home screen when the phone goes off hook .
About the problem 3, could you please tell me why you want to disable the 1 second delay for auto answer. As there is no exist setting for you to change it. So, could you please tell me your scenario.

we are also seeing this annoying "feature" on T48G and T46G
means our users are stuck waiting for the 2nd call to stop ringing before they are able to continue transferring the 1st call
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