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Full Version: T41P: HTTP commands
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Can I make the T41P place a call with a HTTP command within the webbrowser?
Hi DanielFrank,

This is a yealink technical support , nice to contact you.
Yes, we can use action-URI to place a call remotely.
Please download and refer to Page 163 of <Administrator Guide>

example:http://phone ip/servlet?number=dial number&outgoing_uri=1
red word please change

Note: For security reasons, IP phones do not receive and handle the HTTP/HTTPS GET requests by default. You need to specify the trusted IP address for action URI.
To configure the trusted IP address(es) for Action URI via web user interface:
1. Click on Features->Remote Control.
2. Enter the IP address or any in the Action URI allow IP List field.
Multiple IP addresses are separated by commas. If you enter 'any' in this field, the IP phone can receive and handle GET requests from any IP address. If you leave the field blank, the IP phone cannot receive or handle any HTTP GET request.
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