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Full Version: VPN problem
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I have problem with setting up the OpenVPN-function. I made a tcpdump on our firewall and there are no connections, even do packets to the vpn-server. Looking at the system-log's "ps" I found out, that there is no openvpn-client running.

First I used our own configuration (openvpn.tar) and then I tried the one in this thread: (the tun-version), I modified the "remote" line with my IP-address and my port (1306), protocol udp.

But even with this configuration there seems no openvpn-client running.

I use the actual firmware (base:, headset

What should I do?

Hi Ima23,

So your Openvpn server is set up in your firewall? Have you successfully connected other device to your Openvpn server before?
If not, it's probably a server configuration problem.

If yes, can you please share us your tar file and phone syslog? We will check it.
BTW, you can't use the tar file created by others since your Openvpn server can only trusted a client certificate generated by itself.

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