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Full Version: Call Pickup T20P
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Hello Good Day,

I come to you seeking clarity on a question of settings that I could make, I comment on the situation:

I want to take a screenshot of a call that is ringing on the phone X and from phone Y, but since the phone can be displayed and the call that is entering the Phone X, this can be done? or is everything done by blind catch,


Do you want to take a screenshoot of a display on the phone ?
Sorry that it cannot be done on our phone recently.


I mean I can not see who is calling the other person, right? Thank you.
Let me describe my understanding about your question.
You want know who is calling the Phone X then you can choose whether to pickup the call, right ?

If my understanding is right , then I want to tell you that our phone doesn't support this feature recently. Smile

ok, thank's Sad
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