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Full Version: T20P redial from missed calls and phone locking
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We have about 200 yealink T20P phones that we want to upgrade to the new firmware due to phone locking setting on the auto provisioning does not work.

The problem we are facing is we have some phones that require a keypad lock to be enable and some that don't.

when placing the the settings_phone.lock = 3

The phone does not take the configuration at all.

The second problem we are having is with the new firmware, is that when you try to redial from the history menu by pressing the ok button nothing happens. This used to work.

Please help.......
Given below is the configuration paremeters:

Need to enable keypad lock:
firmware.url =
phone_setting.lock = 3
###It configures the password for unlocking the keypad.
###The default value is 123.
phone_setting.phone_lock.unlock_pin =
###It configures the interval (in seconds) to automatically lock the keypad. It ranges from 0 to 3600, the default value of expiry time is 10.
phone_setting.phone_lock.lock_time_out =

Doesn't need to enable keypad lock:
firmware.url =

I suggest that you can redial from history menu by press the # button.

Hope this helps!
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