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Full Version: T48 removes existing contacts when provisioning
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Scenario is:

phone autoprovisions contacts among other settings.

i manualle create contacts.

when the phone autoprovisions again, the contacts i manualle created are removed IF there's changes in the xml file i link to in the new configurations.

It didn't matter if the xml had changed by having less or more contacts defined.

Can i do anything to avoid removing all contacts not in the xml when there's changes to it?

Is it intended behaviour deleting existing contacts prior to loading new ones doing provisioning?
Hello ,

Thank you for your feedback.
The result of this feature is by designed.
So, if you have new contact who need to add to the Directory , why not just add the corrsponding syntaxes in the existing xml files, and then autoP again ?
And if you want to remove the contact from the Directory, you also can remove the corresponding syntaxes from the existing xml files, and then autoP again ?

Best Regards
The directory is often controlled by a server.
You should not remove local contacts during provisioning. They should only be removed by Factory Reset.
Hello ,

I will feedback this question to our Product Department , and they will assess this feature and decide whether to add it in our next version or not.

as craigreilly mentioned the xml from autoP is on a server not controlled by the end customer, and the local contacts was an addition by the end customer.
Before we have a good solution, could you please
1.export the existing contact.xml from the phone.
2.Add the new contact to the existing contact.xml

And I have feedback your application to our Product Department. And still wait for their reply .

Will do, looking forward to a reply from Product Department.
Any news on this?
Hello KristianMedK,

Sorry for the late. Smile
Our Product Department has planned to add this feature in V81.

When is V81 scheduled for release?
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