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Full Version: T46G - Size / Design of the keys in display
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Our customer is using T46G phones with a 3CX phone System V12.

Is it possible to change the look or the the size of the keys in the display?

The 2 line keys of the phone, which are the first two keys on the left side: Here is written the beginning of the Name from the own Extension. Please have a look to the picture - the full Name is in this case Stephan Maier, but it would be better if there would be written only the word "line"...
The same issue is coming up with blf-keys, here are also written the names, but on most of the keys there is not enough space to write the full name.

I hope , you understand what I mean :-)
Thanks for all answers!

best regards Christian
I'm sorry to tell you that can't change the size of the keys in the display.
Yes, it would be written only the word "line". You can set up as below picture:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1100]

You can edit the lable of the BLF key, please see below picture:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1101]

Hope this helps!
Hi Jim!

Thank you for your fast answer - you are right, it is not what I expected to read :-(
Your mentioned possibility has One Problem: When 3CX is provisioning the T46 new, the settings are gone... So I have to modify the provisioning file.

Is it planned to make the keys adjustable? Would be great!

best regards Christian
I'm sorry, This is my negligence.
You can change the Label Length but not the size, you can set up as below:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1102]

Hope this helps!
Hi Jim!

That sounds better :-)!

Do you know, which Parameter I have to modify in the 3CX provisioning file?
Thank you!

Best regards
Given below is the configuration parameters:

features.config_dsskey_length = 1

Thank you! It works perfectly!

best regards Christian
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