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Full Version: Stuck on initialising
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I've recently upgraded the firmware of a T20P to Once the upgrade completed I brought up the web management page to make sure the firmware had taken, which it had.

I then went to make a quick test call, however, after entering the 10th digit the phone froze and I had to reboot it. Since then it gets stuck on the 'Initialising Please wait' screen.

Can anyone advise how to resolve this?



Any ideas?
Have you tried defaulting the phone? We've had one or two get stuck on the initializing screen and a default took care of it.
Upgrade the phone using the safe mode. It might need many tries, might go over 20+ tries to get it right.
Holding down ok doesn't seem to make a difference, it still says 'Initialising Please wait.'

How do I upgrade using safe mode?

I dont know if you found this already but here is the link to the recovery mode instructions on Yealink's FTP server

[ to upgrade Yealink phone on recovery mode.rar]

I was able to get a T22P that was stuck in the initializing please wait phase, up and running again using the recovery mode.

Thanks for that. I'll give that a try and see how it goes.

I've only just got round to trying this, as I've had a few projects on at work.

Following the instructions is simple enough, however, when I 'long press the speaker button' nothing happens. It just keeps saying 'Initialising Please wait.' I'm using a T20p, so the speaker button is on the bottom right.
Any ideas on the above?
Are you holding the Speaker button down while you are plugging in the phone or pressing it after you have applied power?
My experience has been that you need to hold the Speaker button down while you power up the phone. Something to try.

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