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Full Version: Stuck on initialising
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(04-23-2013 06:09 PM)DaveBTL Wrote: [ -> ]I've only just got round to trying this, as I've had a few projects on at work.

Following the instructions is simple enough, however, when I 'long press the speaker button' nothing happens. It just keeps saying 'Initialising Please wait.' I'm using a T20p, so the speaker button is on the bottom right.

Hi Dave,
If after recovery mode, the phone is still have problem, i am afraid you need to replace the phone, please contact your local distributor to replace the phone, thanks.
Thanks Rick. That seems to have done the job, just got to find out what is already using port 69, as I'm getting a "couldn't bind socket winsock error 10048" when starting 3CDaemon.
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