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Full Version: Make call when phone is ringing
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How can I make a call on my second line, when my phone is ringing on the first line (not answering this first call). I simply press the LINE 2 button, but nothing happens.

Is there any feature I need to enable?

Hi Jose,

This can't be achieved now. The line key is not available in incoming call interface.
But you can configure a speed dial dsskey to call a specific number in the situation.
The feature is possible to be added in a future version.

Thanks for the feedback James.

In my case this means I have to change 6 phones in my client because this is a needed functionality.

Best regards.
I am sorry to hear that.
Can you plesae let me know why the feature is so importance to these customers so I can persuade our prdocut guys to pay more attenstion to this feature in later firmware.

Thank you.
This client receives a lot of calls at the same time, and they have 4 persons answering calls 24*7. After receiving the call and registering the information, they have to report the collected information to an external entity, so this means that if the phone is ringing with a new call they cannot report anything.

Hope it helps.
José Costa
Maybe have them use DND as part of the flow?
1) Answer call
2) Record information from caller
3) Hang up
4) Activate DND by pressing DND softkey
5) Place new call (this phone won't see any of the other incoming calls)
6) When they're done the new call, press DND to return to "answering" mode
Repeat step 1.

Slightly more work for the users, but would also keep them from being bothered by the other ringing calls that they presumably would not be able to answer and deal with while reporting anyway?

Just a thought
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