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Full Version: More than 32 BLF users monitoring
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I have a problemen with a Yealink T28 with 2 extension modules.
I have connect it to a broadsoft R19 and the customer wants to monitor 55 extensions.

When i a all 55 tot the BLF list in Broadsoft, the key's don't work on the modules.
When i add 32 the blf key are working.

Phone Firmware

Can you give a hint, solve this problem, i configured all correctly, otherwise the 32 extensions, arenot working.
I've been bringing this issue to our technical support team, he will contact you soon.
When will the support team, contact me, at this moment, it's a big issue with the customer, because the receptionist, can't see all the extensions.

The customer what's to see alle the 64 extensions of the company.
We have now another site, with the same problems, the notify messages are send to the phone, but the fields are empty.

The problem is now, that the customer is waiting to roll out, the other 50 sites, with 30+ phones at every site.

So please help to solve the problem

T28 Firmware Version
Hardware Version

EXP38 1 Hardware Version
EXP38 1 Firmware Version
EXP38 2 Hardware Version
EXP38 2 Firmware Version

It's on a broadsoft system release 19

I have added a trace, off the phone.
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