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Full Version: T22P - Icon Appearing which does no appear in documentation
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This is not in the icon line at the top, but is appearing where the time normally shows.

This icon is not to be anywhere found in the documentation.

It is a large icon of a telephone in the middle with brackets, or arrows appearing on each side of it.


The arrows are animated and appear on each side as follows:

< >
<< >>
<<< >>>

What is this meaning?

I normally see that animation when the phone is ringing.

Do you have the ringer volume turned all the way down?
I tested another telephone. Yes that does appear when the ringer sound is turned all the way down, however an icon will appear in the upper right corner to indicate the sound is turned off, and the indicator light will flash, along with the extension indicator lamp, and caller ID below the animated icon.

In this case only the icon I described above is showing up, and below it is the number 1000 (which is not the number of the extension, or any extension in the system).

Thanks for the reply.
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