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Full Version: block IP calls
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I am getting unsolicited IP calls. Is there a way to block IP calls while still being able to receive calls from my SIP provider?

You can try to add below syntaxs to your cfg template(M7 template) and auto-provisioning it.

1. You can try this syntax in CFG template.

#The x of the parameter "account.x.sip_trust_ctrl " ranges from 1 to max accounts. For example, x ranges from 1 to 6 of T28.


When you want to enable this sip trust control for account 1, fill 1 to “account.1.sip_trust_ctrl”.
Then SIP messages from other servers will refuse by the phone.

2. If not, you can disable the “Allow IP Call” in webpage or auto-provisioning and try again.


#Enable or disable the phone to dial the IP address directly; 0-Disabled, 1-Enabled (default);
features.direct_ip_call_enable = 0


You can refer to below Auto Provisioning guide to get more information:
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