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Full Version: Manage available features
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Yealink have implemented a very useful feature that is manage feature Read/write permission in WebUI, using WebItemsLevel.
I think a more important feature (I'm talking as operator) is to allow to manage features visibility on the phone menu.
Good examples could be:
If I do not want my clients to change feature code to avoid calls to the callcenter asking for help, hide feature code option. (feature will be configured by provision file)
If Anonymous call feature is not available in my network, it will be possible to hide that menu.

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There are also some items for applying to GUI. (in the below of WebItemsLevel), but not so detailed as WebUI.
In V73, we have added more new items for GUI. Could you please click the link V73-files for details. (Yealink SIP-T2X/4X_IP_Phone_Configuration_Guide_for_User_Access_Level_V73_16)

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