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Full Version: Rename "Send" softkey
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We're using T41P phones with FW Once we implemented Auto-provisioning (only common file: y000000000036.cfg), we noticed that the "Dial" (or "Send") softkey that appears while dialing a number changed to "Send_BUTTON", which looks ugly and confuses business users.

My question is: How can we change the label of the "Send" softkey?

P.S. We could not find any related parameter in the documentation and config file.
There was similar issue with the T-19 in some firmware versions. I would try the latest firmware, as I don't seem to have this problem running it.
Given below is the configuration parameters:

phone_setting.custom_softkey_enable = 1
#Customize the softkeys presented on the phone LCD screen when Callfailed, Callin, Connecting, Dialing, Ringback and Talking.
#Before using these parameters, you should store the desired XML files to the provisioning server.
custom_softkey_dialing.url =

Given below is the Auto provisioning template:

You can refer to below guide for more information:

Hope this helps!
At least in T42 the keyword in the language file is not "Send_BUTTON" but "Send".
In other words your entry in your language file should be:

In my language file the "Send" keyword was not present, I had to insert it myself, but it worked fine doing so :-)

By the way, if any of you Yealink guys are reading this, I find it misleading that you call this button "Send".....wouldn't it be more understandable to the user if it was called "Dial" or "Call" :-P
hi Wengel

thanks so much for your information and advise .

for this advised , we will collect this request and submit to R&D for evaluation .

at the same time, i think the auto provision solution can also help to solve this issue Smile


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