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Full Version: A problem with flashing W52 handset
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Good day.
I have a problem with upgrading W52 handset firmware via USB.
Current handset properties:
- handset model - W52P;
- hardware assembly version -;
- software version -;
- product ID - 201207061014.

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit for flashing.

When I plug the handset via mini-USB cable, I've got OS message "Unknown Device". At Device manager I've see "Unknown Device" at "USB controllers" section; device ID - "USB\UNKNOWN"; path to device instance - "USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\6&115AEC64&0&2".

I've got USB tool: W52p-Flasher[].exe
After it's running, I click button "Install NOW" and got an error message (see attached screenshot).
[Image: 2294266]

I've found a topic at the forum about my problem (, but I can't get access to usbser.sys.

Where can I got fixed usbser.sys driver?


Problem solved.
I've used usbser.sys from Google.
Hi Fzfx,

I attached the file. Please check.
Make sure that the handset is activated(press any key to light it up) before connecting to PC.

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