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Full Version: T 20 call pickup
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We have aastra tse 5.0, and we use several yealink phones on it!

How to pickup call onyealink t 20!

On aastra ip phone or basic analog phone we press extension number app. 700

and number 8 after , and we pickup a call from any number on our aastra tse 5.0!

How to make yealink do that , i press extension number app 700 and number 8 and then phone give message -- busy--!

Hello Aastraman,

A make a call to B, and C want to pickup this call. Then B can press : call pickup access feature code + the extension of B . For example: *978532 (*97 is pickup code on BSFT platform)
P.S: the access feature code is provided from the PBX server (aastra tse 5.0).

Thanks! But thats not working for me! I found a solution! Dtmf option must be auto-sip with value dtmf relay or dtmf! Yealink t 20 have default option for dtmf RFC2833!
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