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Full Version: which models support IAX2 account (ITSP, not local)
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I was unable to extract this information from any amazon sellers. I am unhappy with the $60 Cortelco. Voip.MS offers IAX2 for sub accounts. I do not have an asterisk install. My devices live behind pfSense2 nat.
Hi Don,

Is the IAX2 account a SIP account?
All Yealink phone are based on SIP protocol and can only register a SIP account.
Generally a sip account will provide these inforamtion:

Register name
SIP server host
Outbound proxy(optional)

I am not sure how to answer that question; IAX2 is for VoIP. As you are engineers please consider:

as well as:
Hi Don,

The IAX2 protocol is not supported in Yealink phones.
Yealink phones support SIPv1/SIPv2 protocol.

From some document the IAX2 protocol mainly used for conencting ASTERISK(Elastix) PBX.
Currently there is not too much phones supporting IAX2 well. To an end user we recommend using a SIP phone.

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