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Full Version: [Resolved]Change Hot Desking configuration
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Hi all, i'm trying to use the Hot Desking function on a T26. It's work fine, but i don't want to insert the sip server every time.

I read in other posts that with the provisioning i can change the Hot Desking configuration, but in my situation i can't do the provisioning.

There are some ways to change the configuration without the provisiong?

I have exported the config of the phone ( config.bin file ) and find the Hot Desking sections but it's a bin file so i can't save and import it correctly in the phone.

There is a way to edit and manage the config.bin file?

Problem solved

the config.bin file is a tar, so from linux shell:
tar xvf config.bin

this command create a dir call "factory" and in factory/Setting/Setting.cfg there are:
[ HotDesking_StartUp ]
RegisterName = 0
UserName = 1
Password = 1
SipServer = 0
Outbound = 0

[ HotDesking_Dsskey ]
RegisterName = 0
UserName = 1
Password = 1
SipServer = 1
Outbound = 0

set at 1 only the fields that you will want insert in Hot Desking procedure

recreate the tar but in the ".bin" format:
tar -cf new_config.bin factory

import the new_config.bin file in the phone from web interface.
Nice to hear that the problem has been solved and thanks for your sharing.
Indeed you can also configure this through autoprovision which is recommended.

You can sear key word "Hot Desking" in autoprovision guide:

Autoprovision template:

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