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Full Version: ldap search and 3CX Phonebook mismatch
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On T46G, ldap search is enabled for incoming call. The problem is when the caller id is on the 3CX Phonebook, the phone send also a ldap request. Is there a way to prevent this.
Hello logiccenter,

The priority of the phonebook for matching the incoming call is : Local phonebook, LDAP,remote phonebook.
So ,if you enable "LDAP Lookup For Incoming Call" ,then the phone will send a request message to LDAP server whether the existence of the caller id is included or excluded on the 3CX remote phonebook.
If you don't want the phone to send the ldap request , is it possible for you to move your all ldap contacts to 3CX remote phonebook, and disable "LDAP Lookup For Incoming Call" ?

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