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Full Version: Whisper Mute Feature
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In 3CX they have a whisper feature that allows an extension to listen and talk to another extension while they are on a call without the other end of the call hearing. But in this instance if the Whispered to extension wants to respond to the whisperer the outside leg of the call can also hear.

Could I program a button so that when the user presses a button his voice only goes to Whisperer and not the outside leg?

Thanks in advance.
Hello ShawnDev,

I have consulted with the engineer from 3CX , and still waiting for his reply.
Once there is a reply , will update you immediately.

Hello ShawnDev,

Please check the bolow reply which from the 3CX's engineer:

Whisper feature is supported only by 3CX Phone for Windows application. That application is communicating with 3CX PBX using some special code, which can't be used on IP Phones.
So, it is not possible to configure some button and use (control) the whisper feature.
To use the whisper feature your customer should use the 3CX Phone for Windows application, which is free.

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