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Full Version: T28P Multicast Paging Volume
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We have many installations of Yealink T28P phones using Multicast paging. Several customers are requesting a way to lower the volume of the Mulicast page. Other than adjusting the volume while the page is active is there a setting to change in the auto provisioning file to lower this volume globally?
Hi fdtcloud,

There are two methods to adjust the volume of the multicast paging:
1. Via phone user interface:
When you are in paging call, you can press the volume up/down key directly to adjust the volume.
2. Via auto provision to adjust the volume, the autop sentence are below:

##It configures the receiving volume of handset. The default value is 8.Integer from1 to 15.
voice.handset.spk_vol =
##It configures the receiving volume of speaker. The default value is 8. Integer from1 to 15
voice.handfree.spk_vol =

You can get the autop guide and template from below link:
Yealink T2XP AutoProvisioning Template (X.72.0.30)
Yealink SIP-T2XP phones Auto Provision User Guide_V72

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