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Full Version: remote controller for showing and configure Yealink devices
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I need a help for a challenging project. I have an environment that I want to split in many slots in order to create different office for short-term renting period. I want to provide a Wi-Fi Internet access and subscribe to some VoIp provider. I won't have any PBX so I want to connect the IP phones only throught the Wi-Fi net. I'd like to remotely configure the phones as soon as a new company has established to the office; also I'd like to manage the settings of those phones. I need a contoller (like Ubiquiti UniFi or Cisco Meraki) that allows me to see all the phones connected to net and to modify their configuration. I found a third party software:

that seems to be partner of Yealink. Anybody does know anything about it ? Is it compatible with Yealink phones ? Does it allow me to make what I'm willing ?

Thank you very much to everybodyExclamation
Hi Spirito,

Sorry for the late reply, we have a National Holiday from 10.1 to 10.7.
If you want to automcatically configure a phone as soon as it boot up, you can try a RPS service.
When phone boot up, it will contact RPS server to get an provision server URL, then fetch a configuration file from the provision server to finish a configuring.
So you just need to add the phone to RPS server and set a provision server URL which store configuration file.

The Avsytem use a TR-069 protocol which is supported by Yealink phones. But firstly you have to configure the phone to connect to the server. Phone won't discover the server automatically.

RPS is a free service provided by Yealink. You just need to send an application to us.
You can get more RPS infroamtion from our webiste:



Thank you very much, it seems very interesting. I'll take a look at it immediately
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