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Full Version: reboot phone disconnects PC port
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Good Day,

Using Yealink T42/T46/T48 (with PoE) and I assume it happens to other Yealink models. When you reboot the phone the PC port disconnects until the phone has "booted". Polycoms I have tested do NOT do this.

Is this a hardware or software limitation of the Yealink phone? Are there any solutions or plans to prevent this in future models/firmware?


I guess I should have looked through the forum a bit further. Apparently not the first time this was brought up:

Support - Please let us know if anything has changed in the roadmap to fix this.
Hi Bsanders,

Yes currently the PC port disconnects when phone reboot.
We will submit the feature request to our Product department for a evaluation


FYI: Also Snom and Grandstream phones disconnect their PC port when rebooting.
Yealink is not the only one on this.

Thanks for the replies. Is this hardware or software related (or both)?
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