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Full Version: Headset micro volume too low
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Since the arrival of T4x series that I've sold many times, all my customers using headset have the same problem: The headset micro volume is too low, resulting on remarks from their interlocutors, complaining they can't hear them correctly.
This problem is encountered on T42, T46 & T48 models, with last releases of Plantronics & Sennheiser headsets=.
I made up this information for several months to French distributor, but no feedback from Yealink.
My problem seems to be shared by many other users on this forum.
Does Yealink will correct it very urgently or do we have to buy other devices from competitors (Aastra, Snom...) where the problem doesn't occur ?
I've many project with hundreds of phone devices, where I can't get with Yealink till this problem will not be corrected.
Thanks for your urgent answer.
Hi YannG,

You can adjust the headset send volume by this autoprvosion parameter.

voice.headset_send =

The value range from -120~30, defaul value is 1.

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